Monday, 8 January 2007

In The Beginning...

Everything has to start somewhere. Like this blog.

It starts here.

A bit about this blog...

I have recently got back into taking photographs again. I'm not brilliant at it, but enjoy taking photos. Every now and then I take on which makes me sit back and nod my head in a satisfied way. The overall aim is to have those photos appear on this site. However, I'm going to start with just random ones which I may delete as I run out of space.

About the author...

I live and work in London. I live in Streatham, and work near Canary Wharf.

In fact, here are a few pictures of where I work:

My Desk

And out the left and right windows of where I face from my desk:

So there you have it. Certainly not the biggest bang of any blog beginnings. Hopefully I will do the good wine thing and get better with age.

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